Free Joomla Templates – Released 26 June

Below are the list of [tag-tec]free joomla templates[/tag-tec]

Bird watch is why does viagra cause headaches a 2-C elegant [tag-tec]css based template[/tag-tec]

Red Business is 2-C joomla template

Resize me is a 2-C template with minimum graphics

Verticals is 2-C free sample of cialis good [tag-tec]css template[/tag-tec] but has lot of white space which needs to be creatively use by the user
Coffee Beans is 2-C with heavy graphics to load, has proper screen space utilization

Nautica is 3-C business looking template that can be of use to business or ecommerce related sites

More [tag-tec]joomla templates[/tag-tec] coming soon


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