Care2x is software for hospitals and health care organizations

Care2x (formerly Care 2002) payday loans nj is software for hospitals and health care organizations. It is designed to integrate the different information systems existing in these apply now organizations into a single efficient system. It solves the problems inherent in a network of multiple programs that are payday the heist incompatible with payday loans near me each other. CARE2X project can integrate almost any type of services, systems, processes, clinics, castle payday departments, data, or communication that exist in a hospital. Its design can payday advance even handle payday wiki non-medical services or functions like security online payday loans instant approval or maintenance. All of its functions can no credit check payday loans las vegas be accessed with a Web browser, and all program

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modules are processed on the server side.

Here are some key features of “CARE2X”: A� HIS – Hospital/Healthservice Information System A� PM – Practice (GP) management A� CDS – Central Data Server A� HXP

– Health Xchange Protocol Visit Elpidio Latorilla and the Care2x Team to download latest version.


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