YALE open-source tool for knowledge discovery machine learning experiments and data mining applications

YALE short from Yet Another Learning Environment is a flexible open-source tool for knowledge discovery, machine learning experiments, and data mining applications.

Experiments can be made up of a large number

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of arbitrarily nestable operators and their setup is described by XML files which can easily be created with a graphical user interface. Applications of YALE cover both research and real-world data mining tasks.

YALE is an environment for rapid prototyping of data mining applications. A modular operator concept allows the design of complex nested operator chains for a huge number of learning problems.

The data handling is transparent to the operators. They do not have to cope with the actual data format or different data views – the YALE core takes care of the necessary transformations. YALE is widely used by researchers and in industry.


A� Java 1.5

Visit YALE Team to download latest version.


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