aMSN : Alvaro's Messenger, or Another MSN messenger clone

This project is a modified and multilanguage version of Compu's Messenger (CCMSN).It's a Tcl/Tk script as was CCMSN and Tcl/Tk must be installed to run it. This means it is multiplatform and can run on any OS having Tcl/Tk installed (Linux, Windows, Macintosh).

aMSN is a clone of the original MSN Messenger, having the same look and feel.

Here are some key features of “Alvaro's Messenger”:

· Sound for Events
· Look and Feel similar to original MSN Messenger
· Multilanguage (Around 40 languages currently supported)
· Running multiple instances of AMSN at once for multiple logins
· File Transfers
· Group Support
· Normal and Animated Emoticons with sounds
· Chat History
· On Event Alarms
· Conferencing Support
· Full Proxy Support
· Docking for Gnome1 and FreeDesktop (Gnome2/KDE3)
· Font configuration
· Profiles for separate configuration per login
· AutoAway Messages
· Manual Allow/Block/Contact/Reverse lists manipulation
· Remote Control
· Ability to detect contacts who removed you from their list
· No censorship on nicknames
· Support for Buddy Icons and MSN6 File Transfers (through server)
· Very extensive preferences allows high level of customisation

Visit Amsn Development Team to download latest version.


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