Coccinella is a Jabber client with a whiteboard. The whiteboard is a shared desktop which supports text, drawings, images, and multimedia in a number of formats, such as MP3 and video.

Coccinella runs in two main modes, a peer-to-peer configuration and a mode compatible with the Jabber Instant Messaging system.

A flexible plugin architecture may be used to support additional formats. It should run on any machine that runs Tcl/Tk.

Here are some key features of “Coccinella”:

· Write text with any font, size, casino pa natet normal, bold, etc.
· Toolbar with basic drawing capabilities

· Flexible editing of each item in the canvas window
· Support for foreign language character sets, from swedish Ã¥, ä, and ö, to Chinese (Unicode)
· Extended functionality via plugins, see Extensions. This includes mp3's on all platforms, video, synthetic speech of written text etc.
· Full QuickTime support on Macs and Windows
· Open source with the Gnu public license.

Visit Mats Bengtsson to download latest version.


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