GnomeMeeting is an H.323 compatible videoconferencing, telephony, and VoIP softphone that allows you to make audio and video calls to remote users with H.323 hardware or software (such as Microsoft Netmeeting).

GnomeMeeting project supports all modern videoconferencing and VoIP features, such as registering to an ILS directory, gatekeeper support, making multi-user conference calls using an external MCU, using modern Quicknet telephony cards, and making PC-to-phone calls.

Here are some key features of “GnomeMeeting”:

A� Integration with Evolution 2.00 so that contacts are shared between both software
A� LDAP and ILS Directories Registration and Browsing
A� Addressbook with Speed Dials and H.323/Callto URLs
A� Advanced Calls History with Placed, Received and Unanswered Calls and ability to Call Back Users
A� Dialpad
A� ZeroConf (Apple Rendez-Vous) support
A� Advanced Personal Settings Management
A� In call Instant-Apply support for Settings
A� Auto Answer and Do Not Disturb modes
A� GConf and External Configuration
A� Possibility for administrators to block some settings to given default values
A� Configurable Full-Screen Videoconferencing
A� OSS and ALSA Compatible Soundcards Support through plugins
A� Video4Linux and Firewire Cameras Support through plugins
A� Devices Auto-Detection
A� Status Notion
A� Configurable sound events
A� Configuration Assistant
A� Manual
A� HIG Compliant GUI
A� KDE and GNOME compatibility
A� Translated in many languages

Codec futures:

A� Supports audio codecs plugins
A� iLBC, GSM-06.10, MS-GSM, G.711-Alaw, G.711-uLaw, G.726 and Speex audio codecs
A� G.723.1 audio codec (with Quicknet cards)
A� H.261 QCIF and CIF video codec
A� Dynamic Jitter Buffer
A� Dynamic Threshold Algorithm for Silence Detection
A� Automatic Video Bandwidth Limitation
A� Video Transmission/Reception Control

Quicknet futures:

A� Quicknet xJack
A� Normal Phone support
A� Normal, Dial, and Busy Tones Generation
A� Phone Dialpad support
A� Incoming Call Ring support
A� G.723.1 Audio Codec
A� Echo Cancellation
A� Full Management of Calls from the Phone
A� Dialpad Shortcuts for Automatic Dialing, Call Hold and Call Transfert
A� Addressbook Speed Dial selection with Dialpad

H.323 futures:

A� H.323v4 compliant
A� H.245 Tunneling and Fast Start
A� callto: and h323: URLs
A� Gatekeeper (RAS) client support, with Broadcast and Multicast Discovery
A� H.235 Annex D. support

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Gateway/proxy support
A� H.450.1 Call Hold
A� H.450.2 Call Transfer
A� H.450.3 Call Forwarding
A� Call Monitoring
A� PC-To-Phone Calls
A� Configurable Port Ranges
A� H.245 Text Chat
A� Outband DTMFs
A� E.164, URL, or IP address dialing
A� ENUM support
A� Transparent NAT support, assisted NAT support (STUN, IP Translation)
A� Audio and Video Call Mute
A� IPv4 and IPv6

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