palaver is a multi-user chat component for Jabber and XMPP servers

palaver is a multi-user chat component for Jabber and XMPP servers. The intention for this project is to support all features of JEP-0045 as well as the relevant extended discovery features of JEP-0128.

palaver is written in Python

using the Twisted framework for Internet applications. It is licensed under the open source MIT license. The main inspiration for writing palaver was to replace JCR mu-conference. While mu-conference has served the community well, it's lack of maintenance has left many searching for a replacement. Currently all basic multi-user chat features are supported, including some extra things like ban lists. More features are on the way, and the intention is to fully support the entire protocol. palaver is licensed under the MIT open source license. It is free to use, modify and distribute by commercial and non-commercial users and developers. Requirements: A� Twisted Core 2.1.0 or greater A� Twisted Words 0.3 or greater A� a Jabber or XMPP server which supports components Note: that

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palaver and the server do not need to run on the same machine or share any code. Installation Palaver utilizes Python's distutils build and install system. You can install Palaver with: python install Please see the distutils documentation for more information on options. A commonly used option is –prefix=PATH to specify where the install should occur (this defaults to the standard site-packages directory for Python). Visit palaver Team to download latest version.


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