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am looking to develop a website that requires a paid membership to shop. The products will have limited quantity and there will be a countdown to their availability.

The second part of the site will be a re-sale market similar to e-bay. Upon a succussful purchase, the buyer will have the option to take delivery or offer the product up for resale. The resale section of the site will have buy-it-now and make-offer options. The seller can set paramaters to automatically accept the offer price or receive notification. Transaction fees will be charged when products are re-sold.

The re-sale market will be open to anyone, membership will be free.

The shopping site will be available to paying members only (preview available without paying but you cannot purchase).

- Sleek modern look and feel – Web 2.0, AJAX, etc.
- Paid membership
- Scheduled product availabilty
- Countdown Timer on product page (auto refresh price and availability)
- Limit quantity one person can buy
- Limit time allowed for check-out
- Make product unavailable during checkout
- Option, after payment confirmed, to list on re-sale site.
- Resale site similar to ebay with buy now and make offer functionality

I like the functionality of but do not believe it can do what I am looking for.

See American Express Wish List for an example of what I am looing for:

Please message me with any questions.

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